Tailor Keeps The Doors Open

The Need to Modernize to Stay Afloat


Numerous modern technologies are linked to a top-notch tailor shop, yet the shop’s owner, aware of this, had slightly fallen behind in adopting these innovations, causing concern for the future as business slowed down. To remain pertinent, embracing novel technology and techniques such as social media marketing, integrated backend solutions, and even the possibility of remote tailoring became imperative.

With business activity subdued, the opportune moment to acquire knowledge and determine the enhancements required to elevate the shop’s status from satisfactory to exceptional had arrived.

The Costs to Become Something Great

Initially, the owner’s foremost priority lay in implementing new technology to streamline business tasks, encompassing inventory management, accounting, shipping, and billing, thereby creating more time for hands-on garment work. Furthermore, the idea of bringing onboard a professional for online marketing gained traction as a promising option. Concurrently, the owner recognized that updating her systems would be essential if she aimed to venture into distance tailoring.

Upon thorough exploration of potential solutions, the owner conclusively arrived at the realization that executing all requisite changes would incur an approximate cost of $150,000. With this insight, the subsequent step involved actively seeking financing to facilitate the necessary modifications.

Tailor Keeps The Doors Open

Which Financing Option Is Right?


There are so many business financing options today. There are loans, lines of credit, cash advances and others. Choosing the right option can take a lot of work. Some of the alternative forms of financing felt more tuned to her business than a traditional small business loan. After digging through her options, it became apparent that a merchant cash advance could be the perfect solution to bring her tailoring business into the future.


The Appeal of a Merchant Cash Advance


One of the most significant reasons to choose a merchant cash advance is to help a business that is struggling with cash flow. This was becoming a slight problem and jumping into this form of financing was likely to alleviate the issue before it become even more serious.


The money from the merchant cash advance could be used for all the updates the owner wanted to make. In the process, she would pay it back based on a percentage of her sales. When money was tighter, less would be paid back. It helped her feel solid with the business and moving forward.

Tailoring Across the Country and Beyond


In the end, the merchant cash advance ended up being a great option. The owner was able to keep the cash flow going while updating her systems and gaining a more significant presence online. Those two changes alone have helped the tailor shop gain more customers.


As for the future, the idea of distance tailoring is still simmering. For now, the merchant cash advance has improved things and the owner is excited about the future. Bigger and better things could be on the horizon with the help of the right financing option.

Tailor Keeps The Doors Open

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