Short Term Loan

A short term loan can be a great option when working capital of up to $1 million is needed quickly. With no collateral requirement, no restrictions on the use of funds and a lightning-fast turnaround, unsecured short term loans are among our most flexible and popular products.

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Amount Seeking
Desired Term
Estimated Weekly Payment
Loans up to
Term lengths between
6 - 36 months
Interest from
Funding within
1 - 2 Days
Funds can be used for any business purpose
Weekly or Monthly
Very low documentation and closing requirements

What You Need to Get Started

Minimum Qualifications

6 months in business

$250,000 annual revenue

600+ FICO score

Required Documents

Completed Application

3 most recent business bank statements

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I had an opportunity to acquire a competitor but it required a large down payment within 3 days. I secured a short term loan through Clear the day after I applied and was able to make the acquisition. My revenue is now 40% higher than before!

R Magdalena CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no restrictions on the use of funds. It can be used for any business purpose.

Yes you can! In fact, we often see our clients receive funding within 1 day.

A short term loan is one of easiest products to get approved for.

There is typically a prepayment discount offered, which may or may not be the same as having no prepayment penalty.

It depends on the lender but most do charge an origination fee.

Assuming a good payment history, you’ll be offered the opportunity to renew the loan halfway through term. Typically, we see the lender offer better terms on a renewal.

Yes you can.

Payments are normally made either weekly or monthly, via automated ACH withdrawal.

There is no collateral required.