Full Service Advisory With 24/7 Availability

Your dedicated loan advisor is full-service and is always available by phone, text or email to provide guidance, answer questions, negotiate better terms, expedite funding and so much more.



Expertise. Experience. Advocacy. That’s Clear.

All loan advisors have extensive industry experience, receive ongoing training and are experts in all loan products offered. They’ll also learn about your business and your needs and will be working diligently for you from Day 1.



What Can Your Loan Advisor Do For You?

Fight for a larger loan amount, longer term, lower rate

Provide guidance and expertise on all loan products

Assist with document requests and closing stipulations

Answer questions, explain terms, and help review contracts

Provide application updates and expedite funding

Help to strategize a long-term financing plan


More Loans, Better Terms!

“They have more loan options than anyone else and got me better rates than the others I was working with. What more can I ask for?! I'm a Clear client for life!”
J Thompsen Owner


“Such a different experience from other loan brokers I've dealt with. They provided all costs and fees upfront. The entire process was transparent and easy. Clear is the only loan provider I trust.”
Arnold N President

Highly Recommend

“I've used Clear to obtain several of my business loans and I wouldn't consider using anyone else. I love being able to adjust approvals on my own and I've never felt like I was being sold or pressured. ”
Valerie W Owner


“The most professional and transparent business loan platform I've come across. I love the features of their portal and I've been extremely happy with the process and the terms I've received.”
Ellen V CEO

Great Terms

“Clear was able to quickly get me approved for a revenue advance. The terms were much better than I found elsewhere and I had funds in my account the very next day. Thanks Clear!”
P Murray Owner

Very Impressive

“They're super-friendly, transparent and they have an impressive brand/website. I was able to select a loan product that suited best for my business. I strongly recommend Clear.”
David M CFO

Seamless and Intuitive

“I did some research for working capital loans and immediately Clear caught my attention. Their website was seamless and intuitive. It was very easy to apply for a loan and navigate throught their portal. I strongly recommend Clear!”
Candelaria M Owner

Very Happy

“I am very happy with Clear. I've had 2 business loans through them and the process was quick and simple. They are truly a leader in this space and I could not be more pleased with them.”
Stanley S Owner

The Best

“They have one of the best loan platforms I've ever seen.”
L. Jackson CFO


“Thanks to Clear, I was able to improve my cash flow with an affordable line of credit. Highly recommend.”
B Mills Owner

What a Product!

“Clear offers a variety of lending products with flexible terms. We are quite pleased with their rates and service. Strongly recommend.”
Robert B Owner


“Clear helped me secure a term loan to consolidate my debt and lower my total monthly payments by over 50%. They are the best!”
M. Tyler Owner

Great Company!

“Outstanding platform. I shopped for a business loan everywhere and Clear gave me the best rates!”
Sam J. Owner

Advisor Code of Ethics

  1. Make recommendations based solely on client needs
  2. Explain terms clearly and accurately
  3. Disclose all costs and fees
  4. Present the lowest cost available in the marketplace
  5. Serve as a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson


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