CRE Financing

A commercial real estate loan or commercial mortgage is a specialized form of financing for the purchase or refinance of real estate only. A CRE loan has a high potential loan to value ratio and is typically structured as either a bank term loan or SBA loan.

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CRE Financing Calculator

Amount Seeking
Desired Term
Estimated Monthly Payment
Loans up to
Term lengths as long as
25 years
Interest from
Funding within
90 Days
Low interest rate and long term length
Up to 90% loan to value

What You Need to Get Started

Minimum Qualifications

2 years in business

$250,000 annual revenue

680+ FICO

Acceptable debt service coverage ratio


Required Documents

Completed application

2 most recent business tax returns

6 most recent business bank statements

YTD financials

Current debt schedule

Property spec sheet and appraisal

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I’ve used Clear for many of my business financing needs. Most recently, they helped me get a commercial loan to buy the office building I had been leasing for years. My monthly payments went down significantly and my business can now start to build equity.

B Jensen Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

A CRE loan can be used to purchase or make improvements on commercial real estate.

This is a bank loan with a bank process. The underwriting is extensive and additional requirements like an appraisal and market analysis generally make a long process longer.

The interest rate can be fixed or variable.

We consider this loan one that is difficult to get approved for.

There typically is not a prepayment penalty.

The lender will likely charge additional fees in the form of closing costs, due diligence fees and/or an origination fee.

Payments are made monthly, like most traditional loans.

The real estate the loan is being used for would serve as collateral.