Invoice Factoring

Invoice Financing, otherwise known as factoring, allows you to finance up to 90% of the value of your outstanding invoices. This can be a very affordable type of specialized financing when late invoice payments are causing cash flow problems. No repayments are made – the factoring fee is simply deducted when the invoice has been paid.

Apply for Invoice Factoring
Credit up to
Finance up to
90% of invoice
Factor rate from
.25% per week
Funding within
7 Days
Cost is as low as 1% per month
None. Finance charge deducted from invoice
Factor as few or as many invoices as you'd like

What You Need to Get Started

Minimum Qualifications

1 year in business

$250,000 annual revenue

600+ FICO


Required Documents

Completed application

Most recent business tax return

6 most recent business bank statements

AR/AP aging report

YTD financials

Sample invoices

Ready to Get Started? Apply Now

My invoices are net-60 but I run payroll every week. Through Clear, I was able to factor 80% of my outstanding invoices to meet my payroll requirements and the cost of money was under 3%. It was a very easy, very quick approval process.

Samantha B. CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no restrictions on the use of funds. It can be used for any business purpose

The factor rate, also called the discount rate, is the cost of money, similar to an interest rate. For example, a monthly factor rate of 1% is the equivalent of a 1% simple interest rate – Your monthly cost of money would be $1 for every $100 advanced.

An invoice factoring approval typically has two components – A maximum credit limit is the total value of all invoices you can finance. A maximum advance is the total value of any 1 invoice you can finance.

This varies by lender but is generally limited to between 90-120 days.

Typically, you will be responsible for reimbursing the lender the value of the invoice financed.

It’s not that difficult to get approved. However, keep in kind that approval is a 2 step process. Your business needs to be approved and each customer also need to be approved.

The lender could charge additional fees including origination fees, service fees, collection fees etc.

No payments are made. The finance charge is simply deducted from the invoice when it’s paid.

The invoices factored would serve as collateral.