Line of Credit

A line of credit is an extremely flexible form of financing. Access funds as needed and pay interest only on the funds you are using. It can be a great option when planning ahead for any unexpected expenses or opportunities that your business may have.

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Draw Calculator

Amount Seeking
Desired Term
Estimated Monthly Payment
Credit limit up to
Term lengths between
6 - 36 months
Interest from
Funding within
1 - 2 Days
Draw funds only as needed
Weekly or Monthly
Access additional credit as payments are made

What You Need to Get Started

Minimum Qualifications

12 months in business

$400,000 annual revenue

650+ FICO score

Required Documents

Completed Application

3 most recent business bank statements

Most recent business tax return

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I didn’t have an immediate need for funds but wanted to have access to funding in case of an emergency. Clear got me approved for a line of credit and it fit the bill perfectly.

A Kucharskey Controller

Frequently Asked Questions

There are typically no restrictions on the use of funds. It can be used for any business purpose.

Yes you can! In fact, we often see our clients receive funding within 1 day.

A line of credit is easier to get approved for than a bank loan, more more difficult than other short term products.

There is typically no prepayment penalty.

The lender usually charges a draw fee each time a draw is taken. There could also be monthly or annual service fees charged.

As payments are made and the credit line is paid down, it opens access to additional credit.

Most line of credit lenders utilize software that constantly monitors your cash flow. Each lender typically reserves the right to modify the credit line based on changes in cash flow.

Payments are typically made either weekly or monthly, via automated ACH withdrawal.

Collateral is typically not required for a line of credit.