Food Business Gets Healthy

The Chance to Own Their Property


The location of the business has tons of professional families living nearby. It had experienced a great deal of growth in the last 10 years. The owners were happy with the location and wanted to stick around. When their landlord offered the office and warehouse for purchase, they needed to ponder the decision.


The owners knew there would be challenges associated with moving forward, but they were determined to seize the opportunity if it presented itself. Despite having a limited amount of savings to put down for the property, they had encountered difficulties in obtaining standard business loans in the past.


What Does It Take to Grow?


Moving ahead with purchasing the building for complete facility control made perfect sense; however, challenges persisted. After talking to the current landlord about pricing, the owners were told that the price would run about $1,250,000. This was reasonable but it would also mean doing some work to make sure things came together.

Food Business Gets Healthy

Which Financing Makes the Most Sense?


After deciding they wanted to try to make this work, the next step was to find out what options were available. Looking into alternative financing to the traditional business loan gave them insight into several financing options. Some were not suited for what they needed, but several had some merits to consider.


The owners sat down with a financial expert to ruminate about which opportunity might be best for them. Eventually, they concluded that they’d like to move forward with commercial real estate financing. This option perfectly fit their needs and came with perks that were not available with other types of financing.


What Makes Commercial Real Estate Financing the Right Choice


One of the great things about the commercial real estate loan was the chance to have a term of 10, 20, or 30 years. In addition, the amount of the loan could easily reach what they needed and far beyond. Interest rates were low and funding could be available in a matter of a few months.


The long term length and low interest rate made a commercial real estate loan affordable for the couple. They also had the option to leverage up to 80% of the loan and would make regular monthly payments. After making the decision, the only choice was to move forward.

Looking Toward the Future


With the assistance of alternative lending through commercial real estate financing, this health food business was able to own its own property in full. This change has made them proud owners. Moreover, they are not only sure but also confident that the business will continue to grow and thrive.


Now that the facility is unequivocally their own, they’re earnestly looking toward the future. Strategic renovations and updates emerge as a compelling avenue to perpetuate the brand’s prosperity. Of course, it’s paramount to acknowledge that the realization of these endeavors hinges entirely upon the invaluable support of alternative lending. In the interim, the current panorama appears exceptionally favorable for these dedicated Midwestern proprietors, steadfastly committed to enhancing individuals’ overall well-being.

Food Business Gets Healthy

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