Sign Of The Times

As the company’s signs go up around the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, the business is being inundated with orders for new, improved signage for existing customers as well as new customers, both residential and commercial. For example, the booming housing market has new construction contractors seeking not only permanent signs for new neighborhoods but direction signs to guide potential homebuyers to new, move-in-ready homes as well as models.


The sign company also has a large social media presence which had begun getting requests from other parts of Texas and across the country. The plan is that by putting additional equipment in place in the manufacturing facility, the sign company can open an online store and grow the business even more.

Sign Of The Times

Each equipment piece is distinct. Smaller sign-making machines appear affordable, but meeting demand requires more to be cost-effective. Larger signage needs costly, bigger equipment. Both machine types are digital, maintaining manpower, but extra employees are needed for regional installations.


Expanding with an online store requires more team members to manage orders and delivery, excluding online sign installation.


For expansion, Mike and Pete aim to acquire two small sign printers and a larger one. Cost matters, but estimates suggest repaying the $90,000 loan is feasible due to anticipated revenue growth.

In their search for financing, the business partners discovered equipment financing—a loan allowing the sign company to lease machines, ensuring projected profits; unmet expectations could lead to returning the equipment at term’s end.


The partners completed the application, armed with revenue reports, bank statements, and the required credit score. They set up a three-year lease with an option to buy or return the printing machines. Funding took seven business days, and the new machines were installed the following week.


Partners Mike and Pete were content with the added equipment, addressing new and existing customer needs. By year-end, they bought the small printers and progressed toward purchasing the larger one, marking significant expansion strides.

Sign Of The Times

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