Healthy Acquisition

The Need to Own Property


At the start, the shop owners rented the space they required for a storefront. However, as time passed, they discovered that owning the shop became increasingly advantageous. While they had occasionally talked about owning it, certain factors consistently prevented the company from making this significant change. Nevertheless, with the business flourishing and the need still present, the owners opted that the current moment was ideal to take action or, at the very least, explore the feasibility of ownership.


Costs Associated with the Change


Following the agreement to acquire the property, the next crucial step involved calculating the associated costs. Fortunately, the property owner who had previously leased them the space expressed a desire to sell, eliminating the need for relocation or additional complications. Obtaining suitable funding emerged as the primary concern. Once all factors were taken into account, the total project cost amounted to $4.5 million.

Healthy Acquisition

Solutions to Getting Funding


With their choices firmly in place, the owners resolved to proceed cautiously. Although they increasingly felt that owning the shop was a necessity, they refrained from hastily accepting the initial loan offer that came their way. Conducting a thorough exploration of all available options before making a final decision was considered well worthwhile. After evaluating several funding possibilities, the owners ultimately chose to pursue a commercial real estate loan.


The Perks of a Commercial Real Estate Loan


Numerous factors supported the choice of a commercial real estate loan. Firstly, this loan is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the business. It’s a specialized financial option exclusively catering to those purchasing or refinancing real estate properties. Additionally, it offers a favorable high loan-to-value ratio and can be structured either as an SBA or bank term loan. The selected loan provided the business with funding within a mere three months and boasted a generous term length of 20 years. Interest rates remained reasonable, and the repayment schedule proved manageable. The company adeptly met the loan prerequisites, submitted their application, and secured approval to execute the vital change that held immense significance for the owners.

How Do Things Look Today?


The loan approval process required some time, but the owners persevered and secured the property, establishing ownership. As a result, they now hold the autonomy to make decisions about the building without relying on external parties. Furthermore, robust sales performance motivates the brand to explore future expansion opportunities in the coming years.

Healthy Acquisition

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