Food On The Road

He didn’t feel prepared to open a new restaurant. Furthermore, he immensely enjoyed the simplicity of managing just one brick-and-mortar store, confidently entrusting his staff to handle tasks during his days off. Yet, his unwavering belief in the potential enjoyment his food could bring to a wider audience persisted.


Moreover, he had heard about food festivals and truck rallies occurring in cities like Orlando and Tampa. The idea excited him greatly, and for the past few months, it had been a constant contemplation. This concept held the promise of providing the extra exposure he sought. This was especially true since those towns were conveniently accessible for potential visitors to his restaurant.


While evaluating the purchase of a food truck, he found the price of a brand-new truck with a new kitchen somewhat intimidating. During discussions with the sales representative, they extended an offer. This offer was to incorporate customized graphics featuring his company’s logo on the truck. Undoubtedly, this venture would require an investment. However, he remained confident that it would yield substantial returns in the long run.

Food On The Road

When delving into financing, he promptly recognized that securing a loan of one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars would demand extra effort to actively locate a willing lender. Given the substantial amount, he anticipated using the vehicle as collateral and correctly foresaw a potential funding delay due to its direct connection to his business.

Ultimately, he decisively chose a five-year Term Loan. With an excellent FICO score and an impressive five-year track record in the restaurant business, his loan approval process swiftly occurred, thanks to his notable lack of outstanding debts. This advantageous situation enabled him to efficiently secure the necessary financing for the food truck within just forty days.

After expertly wrapping the vehicle, he eagerly entered the kitchen to enthusiastically start menu planning. With the head chef’s exceptional expertise, they crafted a quick, delightful menu catering to diverse tastes, particularly pleasing Cuban cuisine enthusiasts. The dedicated duo promptly signed up for their highly anticipated inaugural Food Truck rally, scheduled for the subsequent month, allowing them to eagerly anticipate the promising opportunities ahead.


Within a mere year, they successfully expanded their reputation beyond Lakeland, gaining widespread recognition throughout Florida. Moreover, the restaurant business surged as eager visitors from afar sought the delights of a complete Cuban meal. To meet the surging take-out demand, he quickly expanded his team with more staff.

Taking decisive action, he embraced the roles of a full-time Food Truck chef and sous-chef. Presently, their anticipation is mounting as they prepare fervently for their inaugural Food Festival in Georgia. The owner is driven by ardent aspirations to introduce his family’s rich culinary heritage to diverse regions across Southeast America. His enthusiasm for the thrilling expansion of his culinary venture radiates profoundly.

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