Keeping Things Modern Matters

The karaoke joint had been doing well for the first year even if growth was slow at the beginning. However, the owners knew that they wouldn’t keep a big crowd if they allowed quality to slip. It was important to implement activities and items that the customers wanted to ensure things kept growing.


One of the biggest things the duo wanted to do was upgrade the sound and machines used in the business. However, they knew it wasn’t something they could do all on their own at once. Financing was going to be needed.


The Cost of Upgrades

The owners researched and chatted to determine exactly what changes should be made to machines, equipment, and any other needs to stay relevant. Adding private rooms with top-quality machines would likely cost quite a bit.


After determining their list of needs, they looked into options for getting all the items the owners wanted. In the end, it turned out that a $100,000 loan would probably be needed to keep things moving at the karaoke bar.

Sifting Through Options to the Merchant Cash Advance


The owners of the pub didn’t have a lot of experience with business financing, which made it a challenge to determine what would work best for them.


It seemed that a traditional business loan wasn’t going to work so the two needed to dig deeper. After considering three options that all sounded good for the upcoming project, the owners finally decided to move forward with a merchant cash advance.


What Makes the Merchant Cash Advance Stand Out

Having a huge bill to pay at the end of the month was a bit scary but that isn’t a requirement with a merchant cash advance. With a merchant cash advance, the owners pay back the sum daily, weekly, or semi-monthly. The payments are highly flexible since they’re based on sales and revenue.


Beyond that, merchant cash advances have fewer requirements than traditional business loans. For instance, term lengths can vary between three and 24 months in length. On top of that, the funding occurs in one to two days so it works well when a business needs cash fast.

After Receiving the Merchant Cash Advance

The process to get a merchant cash advance is simple and quick. In a matter of 1 day, the owners had the cash available and could start making changes. After updating the karaoke pub, it gained even more popularity and has become one of the coolest spots in the city.


Now, the owners are looking toward the future with plans to expand the property. This wouldn’t have been in the cards if not for a merchant cash advance. The future is looking bright for anyone who wants to enjoy a night of entertainment with their friends.

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