Rolling The Dice

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game for groups of players to embark on thrilling adventures, fight off evil monsters, and master their destinies by rolling the dice. Despite being huge in the 80s, it gradually declined in popularity during the 90s and early 2000s. With YouTube and Twitch streaming, the game saw a resurgence, drawing more and more people back into its enchanting world. Now, players from all walks of life are eagerly rolling the dice. They are immersing themselves in virtual quests and epic battles, rediscovering the joy of rolling the dice and forging unforgettable memories together.

An employee mentioned his group struggled to find a space to play and buy books and mini figures for their campaigns. The owner thought it could be a great idea to expand their business to include DnD merchandise. This decision proved fruitful as they were getting more and more people buying their products.


The business next door had gone under a few months prior and had been vacant ever since. More and more customers kept telling the owner how they wished they had a space to play DnD. However, nothing was available. This gave him the idea to expand his space. The landlord had offered him the space for a discounted price if he wanted to expand his store, and now was the perfect time to take advantage of that.

Rolling The Dice

With the lease signed, a construction crew was brought in. They provided the owner with a quote on what it would cost to renovate the space and create a doorway between the two. It became clear that it would amount to $125,000 for all the new walls, lighting, and flooring. Knowing it would take time to pay back the amount, he wisely recognized that a loan would probably be the best choice for financing the project.

He carefully chose a 5-year term loan, allowing for fixed payments. The application process was made easier with a simple form, and he received a prompt reply within a few days. Once approved, they quickly found the best rate and began working on the paperwork.

After applying for the loan, he knew there would be some time before he could get the money because the bank needed to secure it. However, with a fixed interest rate and affordable monthly payments, he was more than willing to wait patiently for the approval.

Finally, after 90 days, the comic book store proudly boasted not one, but two gaming rooms, delighting everyone. The additional space allowed them to accommodate more customers, enabling them to expand their services further. They added gaming tables, props, and even extra bathrooms, transforming it into a vibrant and fun area for their future guests.

As the new gaming rooms opened up, enthusiastic players quickly booked them up for exciting DnD sessions. Simultaneously, the extra space was rented out for engaging mini-figure painting and drawing classes, fostering more community interaction. Consequently, this thoughtful expansion drew more people to visit the comic store. Significantly increasing foot traffic and boosting their business.

The brilliant idea from his staff proved to be a game-changer, leading to a significant boost in both sales and profits. Thanks to the thriving gaming community and their love for rolling the dice. Overall, the decision to invest in this expansion and cater to the demands of the growing gaming community proved to be a wise and fruitful move for the comic book store.

Rolling The Dice

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