The couple who owned the restaurant realized they must make upgrades to meet ADA regulations. However, they never had the funds to make the changes, and their local customers weren’t complaining. The influx of new patrons led them to understand the urgency of making upgrades and repairs proactively, avoiding potential complaints. Business was booming due to the new customers, but they felt anxious about potential issues. They had heard about several other small, local businesses facing lawsuits over non-compliance.

Restaurant Finds the Best Recipe Term Loan

Upon discovering a local contractor well-versed in the required upgrades and compliance regulations, they faced the sole challenge of dealing with the substantial upfront cost associated with these improvements. Engaging in thorough research, they eventually realized that their best course of action involved obtaining a bank term loan. As a result, they moved forward with confidence, fully prepared to implement the essential enhancements to their restaurant.

The quote for repairs was over $80,000 and the couple knew that there would likely be overages on the project. They took out a loan for $110,000 with a 4-year term to keep the required payments as low as possible. The upgrade project took 8 weeks and they had to close the restaurant down a few days. After the project was done, they had a grand reopening and a party for their regulars to show off their upgraded location.


The restaurant was compliant and the couple was sleeping easier at night knowing that they were providing the best service for their customers.

Restaurant Finds the Best Recipe Term Loan

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