Joseph’s business is growing rapidly and in order to keep up, he needs to continually ensure his company operates with the latest technology. The growth has created a financial crunch with the necessary hiring of new employees as well as the ongoing upgrades of the latest software and hardware required to stay ahead of the competition. Joseph needs his cash flow to continue to serve his current clients as well as adding the latest influx of clients to his roster.


Joseph currently invoices customers on a monthly basis, but has seen a consistent lag time with many clients paying on a 60 day timeline, thus contributing to his cash flow issues. Joseph looked at a number of loan options only to find that traditional loans didn’t fit his needs. It was then that he discovered invoice factoring which seemed the ideal solution for his cash flow requirements. Invoice factoring would allow Joseph the flexibility to cover operating expenses, ongoing maintenance and upgrades, as well as meet payroll as needed.

With invoice factoring, Joseph will “sell” unpaid client invoices thereby accessing the case flow he needs for short term finances. Plus, invoice factoring promises low fees without the long-term commitment of a traditional loan. Joseph can maintain the latest hardware and software to serve his customers well and invoice factoring will allow him to ensure his employees get paid and his operating expenses are covered each month. As a bonus, he’ll be able to focus on growing his business without the worry cash flow issues bring.

With invoice factoring, Joseph was able to meet payroll, even with the additional employees, keep his software and hardware operating at state of the art levels, and add new client contracts. With invoice factoring, Joseph has been able to engage multiple new clients within 18 months, while keeping his existing clients happy with quickly resolved claims. Even better, Joseph determines the level of invoice factoring required any time he chooses, allowing him to make ends meet even when clients wait 60 days or more to pay, all without the challenges of a traditional loan.

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