Maintaining With A Line Of Credit

Some Businesses Have an Ebb and Flow

Navigating the fluctuating tides of cash flow, the business encountered the essential strategy of Maintaining with a Line of Credit. Some months yielded abundance in work and revenue flow. Others posed hurdles in managing expenses such as bills, payroll for employees, and promotional campaigns.


In response to this dilemma, the owner proactively embraced the concept of Maintaining with a Line of Credit. This approach ensured a financial safety net during leaner periods and enabled surplus profits to fortify the months when business momentum slowed.


How Much Money Is Right?


Rather than needing millions of dollars for a new building, the main need here was to have some influx when things were slow. The fluctuations in cash flow could be stressful even if the company was overall profitable. Looking into the records was the best first step to determining how much money would be right for the company’s needs.


After digging into the specifics, the owner decided that a $100,000 loan would be more than enough to keep things running smoothly regardless of how a specific month went. So, the next step was to determine the right form of financing to meet the company’s needs.

Maintaining with a Line of Credit

Browsing Different Types of Alternative Financing


There are lots of financing options for businesses but many of them have requirements that can be stringent. A traditional business loan wasn’t exactly what the owners wanted. Having no physical property of their own took other choices out of the running.


However, after looking into the details, a business line of credit came up. Looking into the requirements and details made it seem like a pretty good choice. While other options were considered, the line of credit is what the company ended up moving forward with for several reasons.


The Benefits of a Business Line of Credit


Similar to a credit card, a line of credit gives small businesses access to funds up to a certain credit limit. Instead of taking out the entirety of the money at one time, businesses can withdraw the money as needed. One of the perks is that you pay interest only on the money you’ve used, not what is remaining in the account.


Another great thing about a line of credit is that funding is nearly instant at one to two days. In addition, term lengths can vary from six months to three years.

How Things Are Going Now


With access to a line of credit, the property maintenance company no longer has to stress about seasons when there is less work available. Dipping into the line is simple and repaying it is just as easy. The business works to pay things back as quickly as possible. This replenishes the funds for the next time they need to be used.


The company would love to have so much work they no longer need to use the line of credit. However, it’s a great option for now. It lets them do their job at a high quality while making sure the community knows they exist.

Maintaining With A Line Of Credit

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