Laser Focused

Laser tag is an adrenaline pumping game featuring state of the art equipment. Teams work to capture their opponent’s base as lights flash and music pulsates. With the addition remodeled, Brantley and Norman embraced a laser focused mindset. Recognizing the opportune moment, they upgraded laser tag gear, sound systems, and smoke machines. They ensured all essentials were in place for an immersive gaming experience. With a laser focused approach, their aim is to double player capacity. Additionally, they intend to offer an exceptional event space for various occasions while consistently serving their dedicated regulars.


Norman took on the meticulous task of pricing the new laser tag gear, while Brantley delved into handling the other electronics, encompassing crucial elements like music, smoke machines, lights, and more. Currently, in the midst of their calculations, they are estimating the cost of equipment for the new area at $75,000. Simultaneously, they are projecting a refresh to the existing space at the same rate. Thus, the combined total investment seamlessly amounts to $150,000.

After researching loan options, Brantley and Norman believe equipment financing to be their best option. With equipment financing, they have the option to lease the equipment. Furthermore, they can choose to purchase exactly what they require outright at the end of the lease term. They feel they can repay the financing over a short period of time with the anticipated increase in customers and revenue. They provided the needed paperwork, including revenue reports and bank statements. With the assistance of a great credit score, the new equipment was then delivered and installed.

Notably, they successfully added additional player setups, leading to a steady increase in players, and an even greater surge in booking group events. In less than a year, as the lease came to its end, they efficiently purchased all the new state-of-the-art equipment, software, and electronics outright. Given their continued success, they are now strategically planning to add further equipment as needed and subsequently open a second laser tag location in a neighboring city.

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