The Issue at Hand

Every year, this HVAC company was experiencing growth. This was a good thing, but it led to the need to make a decision. The current building the company was in was quickly becoming crowded and more growth would only exacerbate the issue. However, a fantastic building was discovered that would end those problems and leave plenty of space to grow in the future. Of course, the owner would need to find financing to get the building. In addition, there was only a short window to get this facility that would be perfect for the company’s needs.


Doing the Math

After checking out the building to be sure it would work, there was a need to consider how to finance it. Since the clock was ticking, this needed to be done quickly. It would cost just over $2 million to get the building desired and there simply was no way to pay cash for it. Financing was going to be needed. It seemed well worth it since the building was much larger than the current facility. It would not only be great for the present but also for future growth.

Choosing the Right Type of Financing

Everyone involved wanted to make sure the right decision was made. Spending too much or choosing the wrong financing would cut into profits. However, they needed financing quickly to avoid missing out on such a fantastic opportunity. All sorts of business loans were considered and many were quickly scratched off the list for various reasons. Some wouldn’t provide large loans; others weren’t the right kind of loan. In the end, it seemed clear that only a few financing options would work. After looking at the pros and cons, the HVAC company chose commercial real estate financing.


Reasons to Select Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial real estate financing is designed to finance property used for business. That made it a great choice for buying a new facility for an HVAC business. A traditional commercial mortgage was available where the loan would be paid off over the next 15 years and interest rates were reasonable due to the business having exceptional credit. The loan repayment options worked well and would let the business expand while paying off the building that would last as long as the company was out helping with heaters and air conditioners.

What Happened After Financing?

Once the business owner had the money in hand, it was possible to buy the larger facility. It was much better suited to the work that was being done and made things more efficient. This made it possible to bring in more customers and make additional money. The building has plenty of room if the company grows in the future, which has been common over the years. With this financing option, the owners, workers, and customers are happy with the new benefits. Within the year, the business was bringing in more revenue and payment on the loan has never been an issue. Growth will never be an issue moving forward.

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