This was the position that a long-term writer found himself in last year. He had worked with several large corporations who wanted him to produce more content than he could do alone. However, he didn’t want to turn down the contracts, so he hired other writers to work for him. He figured that they could create drafts which he would finalize and edit.


Being aware that he had to pay the writers immediately after completing their work but before receiving payments from his clients, he required available capital. This would enable him to make prompt payments to the writers. Luckily, with a solid background in writing and years of dedication to building his company, he possessed readily available bank statements. These bank statements verified his cash flow. These statements were instrumental in obtaining an unsecured short-term loan of $75,000 with an 18-month repayment term.

Short Term Financing

Though his initial intent had been to use the money for payroll and independent contractor expenses, he quickly realized something else. He also needed a new website, payment system, and a bookkeeper to keep track of his increasingly complex finances. Upon receiving the funds for the unsecured short-term loan, the business owner promptly settled these additional expenses as well.

The loan helped the business owner realize that he enjoyed managing a company and sales. He found greater enjoyment in these aspects than in writing itself. He was able to leverage this knowledge and build a larger network of content writers. The business found a niche in working with large corporate tech companies. They reached their objective by hiring writers who had a strong understanding of technical subjects and could explain complex concepts with precision. The short-term unsecured loan empowered the owner to construct a significantly larger company, surpassing the scope he had ever envisioned.

Short Term Financing

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