Handling Crunch Time

David’s small renovation company in Jacksonville, Florida, has been successfully handling crunch time situations, ensuring quality workmanship on every job, large or small. When offered a substantial commercial apartment building renovation, David recognized the great opportunity but was concerned about handling the crunch time financially to sustain him through the project.


Taking it on with a focus on the opportunity, David now realized, as the job neared its conclusion, that he required a loan to ensure the project’s successful completion. Upon completion, payment would take up to 90 days. Meanwhile, David had to secure the necessary building materials and compensate his crew for finishing the apartment renovation project.

Handling Crunch Time

A short-term loan appeared to offer the best solution. David held no concerns about repayment, confident in the steadiness of his cash flow. Though currently strained due to the size of the apartment project, his business boasted projects booked months in advance. He understood he could swiftly repay the loan upon successful completion of the substantial project. He believed this accomplishment would also amplify positive exposure and attract more customers.


David assessed finance options. Deliberating on several choices, he ultimately deduced that a short-term loan would suit his renovation business the most. Opting for a $100,000 loan spanning 12 months, he took into account that even if the project extended past the estimated timeline, it would conclude within six months. The 12-month period guaranteed full project payment prior to the loan’s maturity.

The application process was quick and easy because David’s business was well-established, his credit score was excellent, and his bank statements and financials were in order and readily available. Once his short term loan was approved, his financing came through in a matter of days.


David’s company was able to successfully complete the big commercial project to the satisfaction of the client. All the while, David was able to keep all his projects on track, and his employees paid. By obtaining the loan, David bought some time, and kept his company moving forward. Once the payment for the apartment project came in, he was able to pay off the loan in its 10thmonth rather than going the entire term.


As David’s company prospers, he is considering opportunities to take on more and larger projects, knowing a short term loan can help him handle crunch time if and when it happens again.

Handling Crunch Time

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