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Choosing the Right Path to Take


Navigating a challenging period hadn’t posed problems before, but the current situation was undeniably demanding. The business owners were committed to keeping the business operational and weren’t inclined to shut down or sell. Therefore, a viable solution was imperative. The optimal approach was to secure accessible funds for both immediate needs and potential future contingencies. This precise objective directed their search for the ideal lender.


Although the conventional route of a business loan was an option, it didn’t align seamlessly with their circumstances. Hence, the florists explored alternative avenues for financing. Evaluating various companies that presented diverse possibilities, they ultimately determined that a business line of credit offered the most suitable framework to progress confidently.

Florist Blossoms

What Makes a Line of Credit Unique?


A line of credit attracted the owners for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the financing offered a versatile range, starting from as low as $25,000 and extending up to $250,000. Recognizing the necessity of a minimum of $100,000 to ensure smooth operations during the sluggish period, particularly if conditions failed to improve promptly, the florist company owners found this aspect appealing.

Moreover, the entire credit line didn’t mandate full utilization in a single instance. The company could withdraw funds as required, and the favorable feature was that interest accrued solely on the amount utilized. This approach kept payments manageable during phases of lower fund usage. Importantly, the absence of strict usage stipulations was advantageous, aligning well with the current circumstances.

Moving Forward with the Application


The florist business went through with the application for an unsecured line of credit. It was easy to meet all the requirements, such as having a credit score of more than 650, an annual revenue of more than $300,000, and at least two years in business.


Since being approved for the line of credit, this business has been doing great. Things improved after the slow season but the line of credit is still available if needed in the future. It’s a source of peace of mind even when business is booming.

Florist Blossoms

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