A New Need for the Community

The owners of the farm supply store realized there was a problem when the local garden store closed up shop. The owners of the latter headed off to retirement, and it was clear that there was a market no longer being served. However, the bridge between farming and gardening already existed, so the farm supply owners all got together and talked about whether they should fill the empty need.


One of the most significant issues brought up at the meeting was how much expansion would be needed. The shop would either need to become larger or new property would be necessary to ensure the locals had a place to pick up seeds, plants, containers, garden tools, and more.

Making the Decision to Expand

It took several more meetings before everyone was on board, but in the end the farm supply shop decided to purchase a larger building. It only made sense to be able to accommodate the new customers soon coming their way. All that was left was to determine how much money was needed – and where it would come from.


In the end, it was decided that the project could go forward with $600,000 – $400,000 to purchase the new building and $200,000 for inventory and upgrades. However, being a family-owned business, there was no way that was going to come out of anyone’s pocket, so other options needed to be explored.


Commercial Real Estate Financing Paves the Way

After considering all the options, the small-town farming shop, soon to be a spot for all the gardeners in the area, opted to go with a commercial real estate loan. Compared to other financing options, it simply made the most sense.


Reasons to Choose Commercial Real Estate Financing

The store’s most significant reason for choosing a commercial real estate loan was because the terms were excellent. They could use the new property as collateral and secure a long term loan with low fixed payments.


Happy Endings All-Around

So how did things turn out? Beautiful. The supply store was already a staple of the area, so customers were happy to turn to them for gardening necessities. Currently, the owners are happily paying off the loan and looking toward the future and additional changes that might be right for their small community.

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