The gym had several years of operating history under its belt, and before Joe’s injury was generating around $150,000 in monthly revenue across personal training, classes, and memberships. Clients pay by either credit or debit card. The business owner was looking to access $150,000 in funding to cover his expenses while recovering.


Joe needed a lump sum of cash to get through this challenging time, and he was willing to exchange a portion of his future revenue to have it. He decided to get the financing he needed from a merchant cash advance.


Joe simply had to provide a few months of bank statements and an application. He knew that the turnaround time for the funding would be quick once approved, so he got his documents together as fast as possible.

In less than a full business day, Joe was approved for $150,000 and the funds were in his account the next day. The funding from MCA  gave Joe the breathing room he needed financially and provided him the mental space to focus on healing from his injury. Now he didn’t have to worry about being able to pay his top-notch trainers, canceling HIIT classes, or the cleaning crew, all of which are essential. Not to mention the new clients he signed thanks to an attractive promotion he could afford to run – three free training sessions with a yearly membership.


Joe had an urgent need for funding, and he did his homework ahead of time so that there weren’t any surprises in store with his cash advance. Plus, he fully expected to have the funding repaid in 18 months or less. Sales didn’t skip a beat, and Joe was able to keep the doors open without interruption. Without any other financial setbacks, he gets back to doing what he does best – running the gym, not to mention getting back to his own personal workout every day, which is one of the perks of owning a gym to begin with.

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