Making the Right Decision


To go full speed into specialized wedding planning, the owner wanted to take classes to ensure she knew about modern techniques and tools to put in place. This would take some time and money. Plus, outfitting the event planning company to specialize in weddings would require even more funding.


Instead of jumping into the first business financing option available, the owner took some time to research what would be needed, which financing opportunities were available, and what could be expected from each of them. After all the information was available, she realized she could move forward with about $50,000. She also wasn’t sure that a traditional small business loan was the right move.

Choosing the Best Financing Option


The financing options that stood out in this case were a business cash advance or a business line of credit. Both offered large loan ranges and quick funding. This would make it possible for the owner to get started with her education fast and start working on the marketing for her improved services for weddings.


After looking at both options, she decided to go with a business line of credit. Funding was expected to take no longer than two days, with a two-year maturity and an interest rate that was reasonable. The flexibility just made sense.


Plus, a line of credit has another appealing benefit. She’d have the money she needed and could use as much or as little as needed. Interest would only be charged on the amount used. A line of credit would also stay open and could be used for other things in the future.

Happy Days to Come


In the end, the line of credit came through and the event planner started to work toward being an excellent wedding planner. She used some of the money for education and the rest for updating her business to provide better services and bring in new clients.


Nowadays, the event planning company focuses largely on weddings and events related to them. New customers have helped the company grow and the line of credit is still there for the next time expansion is needed. Happy days are in place and everything turned out well.

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