Deciding What Direction to Go In

The owner felt content with the business in general, but he sensed that something was missing. One day, as he observed the arcade’s clientele, it struck him that the majority were adults who had played these games as kids. The arcade games were undeniably the heart of the place. However, he quickly realized that incorporating modern amenities could attract a larger crowd. Determined to change, the owner actively researched and brainstormed options to revitalize the arcade and attract a broader audience.

Thinking About Financing Needs

In the end, the owner decided the arcade needed more than arcade games. The addition of a foosball table, modern games, snacks, and a contemporary atmosphere would attract both the younger crowd and nostalgic adults.


Most of the things needed would be expensive. The owner tallied up the potential costs and realized about $200,000 would give the place a new look and lots of fun video games and entertainment options to make it more appealing.

nostalgia that kids and adults alike can count on line of credit

Where to Get the Money?

The arcade was fun, and the owner could pay his rent on the profits, but it wasn’t bringing in tons of free cash flow. It was quickly apparent that financing of some sort would be needed to make the shop aesthetically pleasing and fun for younger generations. The problem was deciding what type of financing would work out without leaving the owner struggling.


A business line of credit fit their needs perfectly. The arcade could pull money as needed to make changes and only pay interest on what they took out. This could be a great way to make sure expenses didn’t add up and too much wasn’t used before it was determined that the changes would work.



Moving Forward With a Business Line of Credit

After comparing business loans and lines of credit, one had an advantage. In the end, the company received quotes for both forms of financing but decided to move forward with a business line of credit.

Benefits of a Business Line of Credit

The reason this arcade chose a business line of credit was due to flexibility. They come in various sizes, and business owners can take out as much or as little as they need to grow their business. It’s also a revolving line of credit so that you can continue to access it for other needs.


What Happened in the End?

Adding some modern video game systems, a snack bar, and a new aesthetic to the arcade successfully brought in new customers. Nowadays, the owner is looking for other ways to ensure customers are happy. They hope to make more money while offering a unique neighborhood hangout that people will enjoy for years to come.

nostalgia that kids and adults alike can count on line of credit

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