Jessica’s restaurant generates about $250,000 in monthly revenue, and she was looking to access about $50,000 in funding to pay for a new oven. Fortunately, the funding company prioritized the historical performance of the business, not placing major concern on her personal credit score.
Swift Solutions for Restaurant Owners
Due to the time constraints faced by restaurant and small business owners, Jessica couldn’t afford the lengthy process of traditional loan documentation. As a result, she sought a more efficient solution. Instead, she opted for a simple and straightforward solution—a cash advance that met her requirements and provided the needed funds.
Cooking Up Profits

It all came down to the restaurant’s sales, upon which the business revenue advance would depend. If Jessica qualified, she would be selling her future sales at a discount, a trade-off she found worthwhile for quick and easy access to funds.

All Jessica had to do was provide a few months of bank statements to the funding company for revenue verification. Her approval for the $200,000 she needed was further supported by the restaurant’s consistent credit and debit card sales.

Despite her requirement for only $50,000 for the oven, Jessica considered utilizing some extra funds for other improvements and a marketing campaign, leading her to decide to take the whole $200,000.

Investing in a mobile food truck with a Tex-Mex menu sourced from local ingredients was another successful venture for Jessica. Additionally, it helped drive in more sales. Furthermore, staying afloat during this challenging time would have been impossible for her, and growing her business would have been equally unattainable without the funding she received from the revenue advance.

Cooking Up Profits

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