Jessica’s restaurant generates about $250,000 in monthly revenue, and she was looking to access about $50,000 in funding to pay for a new oven. Fortunately, the funding company was more interested in the historical performance of the business than they were in Jessica’s personal credit score. Besides, one thing a restaurant owner or any small business owner, for that matter, is short on is time. She didn’t have days, or weeks to provide all the documents that a traditional loan would require. Instead, Jessica was looking for something simple, and a cash advance met these requirements.

It came down to the restaurant’s sales, on which the business revenue advance would depend. If she qualified, Jessica would be selling her future sales at a discount, which was worth it to Jessica in exchange for receiving funds quickly and easily.


All she had to do was provide a few months of bank statements to the funding company so that they could verify revenue. Because she had managed things well, coupled with the fact that the restaurant had consistent credit and debit card sales, Jessica was approved for $200,000 she needed.

Although she only needed $50,000 for the oven, she thought she could use come additional money for other improvements as well as a marketing campaign. She decided to take the whole $200,000.


Jessica was also able to invest in a mobile food truck with a Tex-Mex menu sourced from local ingredients, which helped drive in more sales. Jessica would never have been able to stay afloat, let alone grow her business during this challenging time, without the funding she received from the revenue advance.

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