Currently Karen’s Center offers trampolines, basketball, as well as an arcade, a mini-golf course, and a small café. Having completed an expansion successfully, she considered several options  to fill the area and because many of her customers have encouraged her to add rock climbing to the facility, believing it would be a great family activity to enjoy.


Karen has researched the option as well as the insurance and safety concerns and has decided she would like to add two rock climbing towers to her existing space along with all the safety equipment needed to complete the project safely for her customers. She wants the new space to be group-friendly with qualified instructors in an ultra-safe and fun space.

Karen researched the costs involved as well as several financing options for the needed equipment and supplies. She felt, given her existing clientele, a short term loan should work, allowing her to spread the cost of the project out over a short period, but not tying her into a longer term loan.


She found a vendor who also offers free installation of the rock climbing towers as well as all the accessories needed for safety considerations for the space as well as the climbers. Karen was not concerned about repaying the loan because her business is steady and strong with individual families who visit regularly as well as lots of booked parties and groups for the coming year.

She chose an 18-month short term loan of $255,000, believing the payments would not create cash flow problems given the expectations for new and existing customers. She felt confident in her ability to pay back the loan before the end of the term, but choosing an 18-month term would give her time should the need arise. Karen felt the application process was easy, as her financials were in order and her credit score excellent. Financing was quickly approved and soon the rock climbing walls were up and hosting new climbers of all ages.


Karen’s Family Activity Center is busier than ever before with lots of groups and families exploring the new rock climbing towers. Business is so good, Karen has been able to pay off her short-term loan in the first year!

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