Climbing Together

Presently offering trampolines, basketball, an arcade, a mini-golf course, and a small café, Karen’s Center has completed a successful expansion, leading her to explore several options for area utilization. Due to numerous customer requests, she contemplates introducing rock climbing to the facility, envisioning it as a rewarding family activity.


Having thoroughly researched the feasibility, insurance, and safety aspects, Karen concludes that integrating two rock climbing towers into her current space, complete with requisite safety gear, is the way forward. Her vision includes a group-friendly environment staffed by certified instructors, ensuring an ultra-safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Climbing Together

Karen explored the costs involved along with several financing options for the needed equipment and supplies. Given her existing clientele, she believed a short-term loan should suffice, allowing her to distribute the project’s cost over a brief period without committing to a longer-term loan.

During her search, she came across a vendor providing not only the rock climbing towers but also free installation, ensuring both the climbers’ safety and the space’s integrity, including all necessary accessories. Karen’s confidence in repaying the loan remained unwavering due to her steady and robust business, frequented by individual families who visit regularly. Moreover, a substantial number of booked parties and groups for the upcoming year added to her financial stability.

Opting for an 18-month short-term loan of $255,000, she held the belief that the payments wouldn’t disrupt her cash flow, considering the expected surge in new and existing customers. Her confidence in repaying the loan before its term end was strong. The 18-month duration would grant her ample time if circumstances necessitated it.

Karen found the application process to be smooth, thanks to her well-organized financials and excellent credit score. With swift financing approval, the rock climbing walls were erected and began welcoming climbers of all ages.

At present, Karen’s Family Activity Center experiences unprecedented activity. Numerous groups and families are actively exploring the new rock climbing towers, a testament to the facility’s popularity. Karen’s business is thriving, allowing her to fully repay the short-term loan in the first year.

Climbing Together

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