However, it appeared as though her father was more skilled at creating hard candy than he was working on the company’s money. Instead of sitting at a computer and processing bills, he would much prefer to be in the kitchen whipping up some sweet delicacies. Her father had been paying the bills, and she was in for a rude awakening when she saw the mess that he had created when she managed to get her hands on the paperwork. Her cousin ran their website and online orders and oversaw payroll.


They had invested in new machinery over the course of the previous five years to modernize certain aspects of their operations. The smaller machines were paid for using a line of credit, while the larger ones were financed from an outside source. Some of the vendors were paid through wire transfers, while others were paid with credit cards issued to the company. It amounted to a huge mess.

When she called to inquire about some of the invoices, she found out that some were way past due or still carried a balance. There were various due dates for payments and some astronomical interest rates. She knew that to keep this business flowing like melted chocolate, she needed to streamline the process and make this easier.


She concluded that a loan would most likely be the most beneficial financial arrangement for her goals after giving her choices some thought. She desired an option that would be paid off soon, with no requirement for collateral in the transaction. She promptly made the decision to get a short-term loan because they had sufficient cash flow to afford the payments.

She filled out the application form to consolidate all the outstanding payments into one large loan in the amount of $78,000. Going over the options, she chose to pay over 36 months at a reasonable interest rate. Her application was approved, and funding went through within two business days. She paid all the overdue vendors, credit cards, lines of credit, and equipment loans.


She may now exhale a sigh of relief and she will be able to devote more time to the sweet creations that have made her family famous and spend less time attending to monthly bills.

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