Karen believes she has a loyal customer base based on in person feedback and online reviews. Her customer base is growing from online reviews coupled with her exceptional marketing efforts and much appreciated word-of-mouth advertising. She has been researching the costs of new greenhouses and accessories, as well as additional equipment and employees. Karen knows she and her existing crew can set up the greenhouses as well as the needed accessories and equipment so there will be a cost savings in relation to installation. Her current property also has plenty of space for new greenhouses.

Karen believes the expansion will fuel the growth of her customer base, which means she won’t need to factor in new employee salaries in her desired loan. She proceeds by exploring available financing options to cover the cost of the greenhouses, accessories, and equipment needed. After considering all the available financing options, she believes a short-term loan will meet her needs.


Her growing client base as well as the ongoing growth of her business and exceptional sales, coupled with her excellent financials and credit history, Karen secured a 24-month loan for $200,000 to cover the cost of the greenhouses, equipment, and accessories. She was satisfied with the interest rate and felt she could easily repay the loan in the allotted time frame.

Because of her timing, the setup of the new greenhouses was completed in the “off season” and ready to meet the demands of spring and summer when plant sales peak. With her new employees trained and in place, Karen quickly saw an increase in customers who appreciated the knowledgeable staff, affordable prices, quality products, and excellent customer service. With the addition of the new greenhouses, Karen was able to meet customer demand even in peak season. Within 18 months, Karen was on track to pay her loan off early.


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