The Dilemma of Stocking for Holidays


The holidays had always been a busy time for the toy store. It only made sense that everyone looking for gifts for little ones would stop in to find something innovative and fun for the kids. This year, the owner had found a great product that she knew would sell. The problem was that the year had been slim in profits so purchasing the toy in bulk wasn’t possible without some work.


She didn’t want to let her clients down, nor did she want to end the year on a bad note. This led her to look into financing that would allow her to bring in an exciting new product that kids were sure to love.


How Much Financing Is Needed?


It was a gamble to move forward without having the item in stock, but the owner was sure that it was going to pay off. As such, she started to look into how much money was needed to ensure she could handle demand if she brought the product into the store.


When all was said and done, she wanted to have $200,000 to stock the product, as well as any others that would be big sellers around the holidays. Once she had a number in mind, the next step was to look into which financing options worked for her needs.

Introducing the Merchant Cash Advance


Getting enough money to stock the store was the main priority and having the money quickly would help with that. Traditional bank loans could take months to transfer the funds, which wasn’t going to work in this case. The owner started to look at other methods that would get her the financing fast.


After searching several options, she was impressed by the merchant cash advance. In the end, she decided it would be the best choice and applied for financing. It stood out over other choices, even the ones that provided financing just as fast.


What Makes the Merchant Cash Advance Outstanding


As mentioned, this form of financing came with fast funding in one to two days. However, that wasn’t the only reason the toy store owner chose to move forward. For one thing, it’s an easy financial product to be approved for, which was a plus. It’s flexible so the money can be used on almost anything. In addition, payments can be made on a weekly, daily, or semi-monthly basis.


Since the store takes a lot of credit and debit payments, it was perfect for a merchant cash advance. The payments are based on what is sold each day, rather than having static monthly payments that need to be paid by the owner.

How About Those Toys?


As soon as the money was in the bank, the owner made an order. As expected, the toys were a huge hit and made a big splash during the holidays. She was able to keep them stocked and selling and the store did well for the year, even though it had been slow before the holiday season. Things are still going well and the merchant cash advance is all paid off.

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