Toy Store Gets A Gift

The Dilemma of Stocking for Holidays


The holidays had always been a busy time for the toy store. It only made sense that everyone looking for gifts for little ones would stop in to find something innovative and fun for the kids. This year, the owner had found a great product that she knew would sell. The problem was that the year had been slim in profits so purchasing the toy in bulk wasn’t possible without some work.


She didn’t want to let her clients down, nor did she want to end the year on a bad note. This led her to look into financing that would allow her to bring in an exciting new product that kids were sure to love.


How Much Financing Is Needed?


Moving forward without having the item in stock was a gamble, but the owner held a strong conviction that it would yield positive results. Consequently, she began assessing the required funds to manage potential demand upon introducing the product to the store.

Ultimately, she aimed to secure $200,000 for stocking not only the specific product but also other high-demand items for the holiday season. Having a targeted amount in mind led her to the subsequent task of exploring financing options tailored to her needs.

Toy Store Gets A Gift

Introducing the Merchant Cash Advance


Securing sufficient funds to stock the store took precedence, and expediting the funds’ arrival was crucial. However, traditional bank loans, which could take months to disburse, were unsuitable. Consequently, the owner began exploring alternative methods to swiftly secure financing.


After evaluating numerous options, the merchant cash advance captured her interest. Ultimately, she concluded that it represented the optimal choice and proceeded to apply for financing. It distinguished itself from other alternatives, even those offering equally rapid financing solutions.


What Sets the Merchant Cash Advance Apart


As mentioned earlier, this financing option offers rapid funding within one to two days. However, the toy store owner’s decision to proceed wasn’t solely based on this factor. One notable aspect is its ease of approval as a financial product. Its flexibility allows for the utilization of funds across a wide range of needs. Furthermore, it provides the option for weekly, daily, or semi-monthly payments.


Given the store’s high volume of credit and debit transactions, the merchant cash advance proved to be an ideal fit. The payment structure relies on daily sales, avoiding the need for fixed monthly payments demanded by the owner.

How About Those Toys?


Upon receiving the funds in the bank, the owner promptly placed an order. As anticipated, the toys gained immense popularity and created a significant impact during the holiday season. She successfully maintained their availability and sales, leading the store to a prosperous year, despite the preceding sluggish period. The positive trajectory continues, with the merchant cash advance fully repaid.

Toy Store Gets A Gift

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