The Big Boom in T-Shirt Sales

Success Leads to Challenge

The t-shirt shop was in a strip mall, and it did well. It had ups and downs but never really made it to the next level. Or at least that was the case until the owner introduced a new line of t-shirts with art chosen from a contest on a social media platform.


Once the t-shirts were made, eCommerce sales shot up, and it was becoming hard to keep shirts in stock. The owner knew that something had to change, or people would become frustrated about the lack of inventory. But at the time, he wasn’t sure what the answer was.


Most of the things needed would be expensive. The owner tallied up the potential costs and realized about $200,000 would give the place a new look and lots of fun video games and entertainment options to make it more appealing.

The Big Boom in T-Shirt Sales

Chasing Down the Numbers

This t-shirt shop had an opportunity that wasn’t likely to come again. But without more stock in the popular shirts, it was likely to be 15 minutes of fame and then back to usual. The owner didn’t want that, so he researched financing in his spare time.


In reality, what the shop needed was a way to dip into money to restock t-shirts. They could then sell more of them and pay back what they owed before starting over, as needed. The owner knew he could keep things rolling with $65,000 extra in his company bank account.


Deciding on a Business Line of Credit

Sure, there were lots of options available. The owner had good credit and a reputable business. But he didn’t want to just pick a financing option at random. He knew that if he chose the right solution, it would last through this exciting time and even be helpful if the business continued to grow – something he was determined to make happen.


After looking over various options, the shop owner decided a business line of credit would best meet his needs. So he applied, crossed his fingers, and waited to see what would happen.



Moving Forward With a Business Line of Credit

After looking at business loans and lines of credit, it became clear that either would work, but one had an advantage. In the end, the company received quotes for both forms of financing but decided to move forward with a business line of credit. It seemed to be the best option for the short-term and for the future if the window washing company was successful with commercial properties.

Cha-Ching, Hello to Business Growth

After being approved for a business line of credit, the owner was over the moon. So what made him decide on the line of credit in the end? He could have taken out a traditional loan, but he wasn’t sure that was the correct answer. With a line of credit, he could take out the money he needed, as he needed and pay only on the funds he was using. He could also have access to additional credit as the line was paid back.


What Came of the T-Shirt Shop

Once the owner could restock as needed and keep t-shirts going out to customers, his shop became well-known. Other t-shirts gained popularity, and he saw more profits than he ever had in the past. It’s allowed him to be more creative and expand his business to have more employees and dozens of exciting t-shirts.


He continues to run contests to see people get their art on his t-shirts since he knows that was a big part of why he’s thriving now. That and the business line of credit – that he still uses whenever needed.

The Big Boom in T-Shirt Sales

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