Laser Focused

The Path to Expansion


Embracing laser focused strategies, the owner recognized the potential of company expansion driven by proximity; yet, comprehended the significance of a measured stride. Additionally, the owner pursued consultations with business experts to gauge the viability of this progression. Ultimately, fueled by determination, the owner aspired to proceed with the expansion, emphasizing the requirement for laser focused strategies to gather laser-focused data.


The Cost of Expansion


The notion of launching a second branch of the business brought both excitement and apprehension to her. The owner aimed to ensure meticulous preparation before aiming for ambitious growth. The initial step involved assessing the costs required to execute the plan, revealing that the new building and necessary equipment would amount to approximately $1,500,000 upon completion.


Armed with these figures, the owner had to meticulously determine the feasibility of the expansion. Ultimately, the resounding verdict was to proceed, contingent upon securing suitable financing. The pivotal factor, however, was identifying the precise financial solution that seamlessly aligned with the brand’s specific requirements.

Laser Focused

Settling on the Commercial Real Estate Loan


The owner had numerous loans and alternative financing options at their disposal. They engaged in extensive research and consultations with mentors to ensure a fitting choice. They undertook online exploration of the pros and cons of different options.

Ultimately, the owner made the decision to opt for a commercial real estate loan, primarily because it was well-aligned with the trajectory of the company. Furthermore, the loan presented a range of advantageous features that would significantly contribute to the company’s future growth.


Reasons to Choose a Commercial Real Estate Loan


Commercial real estate financing is meticulously crafted for the explicit purpose of acquiring real estate. Importantly, it features a substantial loan-to-value ratio and is frequently structured as either an SBA or bank term loan. Moreover, these loans consistently boast the capability to comprehensively cover all necessary property expenses. Furthermore, an additional advantage lies in the generous repayment span, which can extend up to an impressive 25 years.


Monthly payments associated with a commercial real estate loan come with a usually low interest rate, leading to more manageable payments. Given this favorable scenario, the owner confidently determined that focusing on property financing would be an effective strategy. Concurrently, they proactively decided to explore alternative avenues for funding the equipment.

The End Result


The laser therapy brand successfully expanded to the other side of the city, securing the expansion with a commercial real estate loan. As a result, this move drove positive business outcomes and created anticipation for a promising future. Moreover, the loan played a vital role in making all this achievable by providing crucial support.

Laser Focused

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