Gaming Store Scores

Creating a Space for Community


The gaming store had enjoyed reasonable success over the years, and it became evident that the community played a significant role in attracting visitors. People frequently attended gaming nights, but there was limited space for participation. All the owners engaged in discussions on how to enhance the growing interest in live events and concluded that they could redesign a portion of the store to address this need. Their primary objective was to optimize the shop, allowing more space for socializing and playing games with friends. They only needed to determine the required funding to implement their solution.


Looking at the Numbers


Creating changes was a reasonable undertaking, but the owners needed to determine the costs. After evaluating everything they wanted to include in the space, they concluded that they required approximately $200,000 to proceed. However, knowing the necessary amount was only the initial step. The owners preferred not to fund the entire amount themselves, so they had to select the appropriate financing method to accomplish their goals. They aimed to implement it swiftly to facilitate more community nights and further grow the business.

Gaming Store Scores

Deciding on the Right Financing Option


The owners first considered traditional loans; however, they weren’t sure if these loans were right for their needs. Subsequently, this led to researching alternative financing options that might better fit their business. After carefully weighing a couple of different types of funding, the owners ultimately decided a business line of credit might be the best choice in their situation.


Reasons to Choose a Business Line of Credit


There were a few reasons that the business line of credit stood out. However, the most important was how fast funding could be provided. You could access the money in as little as two days. In addition, the credit limit fit the company’s needs, and the term lengths were reasonable. One of the things that makes this kind of financing stand out is how flexible it is. The business can take out as much or as little of the line as they want and only pay interest on what is used. The rest can be used at a later date if there’s another need for financing.

How the Store is Holding Up


The line of credit allowed the gaming store to become a real fixture of the community. Additionally, it fits more people who want to game with friends and participate in competitions. Consequently, this added customer base has made the company more profitable. Therefore, the owners are happy about their line of credit and believe it contributed to their increased success.

Gaming Store Scores

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