When Success Turns into a Problem

Everyone wants their business to be successful, but even doing well can bring its own set of problems. In this case, the fitness center was aesthetically pleasing, had an impressive collection of equipment, and quickly started bringing in workout aficionados. However, the number of people who wanted to join was too much for the facility, and that was turning into a severe issue.


What It Takes to Expand

The owners were proud that they’d been able to finance a dream business, and the idea of taking on debt to expand was a hard pill to swallow. There were lots of meetings, conversations, and decisions involved in what came next. The fitness center could stay the same, but people would be left out. Or the owners could find $500,000 in financing to take their dream to the next level. In the end, they decided it was worth finding funding – or at least seeing what options were available.

Fitness Center Gets A Boost

Selecting an Asset-Based Loan

Since the owners had a lot of pride in what they’d built, it only made sense to select a loan that took that into consideration. After all, a secured loan would likely be easier to get a large sum based on the business they’d done in the past and how much equipment they already had. After considering various options, the business found that the best choice was an asset-based loan. This loan would help them make progress and achieve their goals effectively.

The Nuances of a Business Asset-Based Loan

With an asset-based loan, the company could use all its equipment and real estate as collateral to build their business even larger. The couple’s efforts in buying those things can now lead to even greater success. In addition, asset-based lending turned out to have a lower cost than other options available to them. So with excellent terms and interest rates, they went for it.


The Conclusion to the Story

The loan came through, and the couple has put in more hard work to create a larger and even more lavish fitness center for the people in the community who demanded it. Since they loved working hard, it didn’t take as long as expected. The new fitness center opened to fanfare, accommodating more visitors and offering space for classes. Today, the business is doing great, and nothing is standing in the way of even more success.

Fitness Center Gets A Boost

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