Funding In The Fast Lane

The Pressure of Innovation


The shop’s popularity grew, effectively highlighting the necessity for a larger scooter inventory. However, a significant challenge arose due to the recent establishment of the shop, rendering conventional loans unavailable. Given its small and new status, banks and credit unions considered the business inherently too risky to actively support.

Nonetheless, the owner was determined not to give up. Initially, he began by formulating a solid plan and swiftly recognized the need to progress without relying on traditional funding. This unwavering drive led him to diligently delve into research and thoroughly explore alternative avenues.

How Much Financing Do You Need?


The owner thoroughly researched the funds needed for expanding the scooter lineup, skillfully introducing new marketing strategies, and effectively establishing the brand’s success in its initial phases. Ultimately, he logically concluded that $150,000 would suffice to move forward.

To prevent encountering a similar situation within months, his primary objective was to secure a significant amount. Additionally, he aimed for a reasonable request, considering the eventual repayment. Furthermore, the discovery of the perfect financing solution was pivotal for progressing further.

Funding In The Fast Lane

Exploring Alternative Financing


Having a clear grasp of the necessary funds, he began exploring alternative financing avenues that matched his business requirements. This move aimed to avoid the need for a conventional bank loan, given that banks often hesitated to back businesses under two years old.

The appeal of merchant cash advances became apparent to him. Their focus on newer enterprises and their repayment structure linked to his scooter sales and rentals made the choice to apply and move forward evident for him.


What sets the Cash Advance apart?

One major advantage of a merchant cash advance is the swift availability of funds, typically within 48 hours of approval, allowing the owner to promptly secure new stock and thus maintain a well-prepared store for potential customers.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Additionally, this financing option offers remarkable flexibility, enabling the funds to be allocated to any business-related need. Furthermore, business owners can repay through a daily, weekly, or semi-monthly schedule, directly using customer credit card transactions, which streamlines the process.


Scooters Reign Supreme

Following financing approval, the money became available the next day. Without delay, the owner began updating his stock and has encountered no issues in sustaining operations since. Moreover, he’s rapidly paying off the amount through sales and rentals, and he’s highly satisfied with his decision to progress with a merchant cash advance.

Funding In The Fast Lane

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