The Pressure of Innovation


As the shop became more popular, it was clear that he needed a larger stock of scooters. The issue was that the business was fairly new and many traditional loans weren’t available. It was a risk for banks and credit unions to move forward with a company so small and new.


However, the owner wasn’t going to give up so easily. First, he needed a plan. He knew there had to be a way to move forward without relying on typical financing so he started to do research and explore his options.


How Much Financing Is Needed?


The owner looked into how much money he would need to get a larger lineup of scooters, add in new marketing, and otherwise make sure his brand did well until he was more established. In the end, he decided $150,000 would be enough to move forward.


He didn’t want to get too little money since he’d just be in this situation again in a few months. He also didn’t want to go too crazy with what he needed since it would have to be paid back. It was going to take the perfect financing option to move forward.

Deciding on the Merchant Cash Advance


Once he knew how much money was needed, he started to dig into alternative forms of financing. He liked the idea of finding an option that was right for the business without needing to go to a bank and take out a traditional loan. He knew most banks weren’t going to touch a business that hadn’t been around for two years.


When he came across merchant cash advances, it sparked something in him. Not only were these loans available to fairly new companies, but they were paid back as he sold and rented his scooters. It was a no-brainer to apply and move forward.


What Makes the Cash Advance Stand Out


One of the best parts of a merchant cash advance is how quickly the money is available. After approval, funding is available in around 48 hours or less. This would let the owner move forward quickly with accessing new stock and keeping his store ready for any new customers who stopped in.


This isn’t the only thing that made this financing option the right choice. It is super flexible as the money can be used for anything related to the business. In addition, payments can be made on a daily, weekly, or semi-monthly basis. The payments come from customers’ credit card payments, so the entire process is simple for a business owner.

Scooters Reign Supreme


After being approved for financing, the money was available the next day. The owner quickly started updating his stock and has had no issues keeping things going since then. He’s quickly paying off the amount with sales and rentals and is super happy that he decided to move forward with a merchant cash advance.

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